Slum Welfare Activities (SWA)

Connect Pariwar is committed to empowering young entrepreneurs from the slums through its Slum Welfare Activities (SWA).

Slum Welfare Activities (SWA)

Connect Pariwar believes that the key to creating lasting change lies in providing opportunities and support to those who need it the most. Through our dedicated efforts, we focus on uplifting young entrepreneurs, particularly those from the slums, through our Slum Welfare Activities (SWA).

Slum to eStore

Our flagship project, the Slum-to-eStore initiative, harnesses the power of eCommerce networking to open doors for these entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive and contribute to the nation’s economic growth.


Connect Pariwar fosters the empowerment of eco-farmers. We acknowledge the invaluable contributions of farmers and strive to provide them with opportunities and support.


Connect Pariwar also acknowledges the skills of artisans and strives to provide them with opportunities and support.

Other Programs

Build Entrepreneurship with LIFT And Grow social media networking

Build image with LIFT And Grow eCommerce networking

We host webinars to develop the “Skill in eCommerce Networking” for aspiring copywriters, graphic designers, and social media managers. Industry experts shall be sharing their experiences and the best practices for effective eCommerce networking.

Certificate of Participation is awarded to corporate registrants.
Swap Skill and Skill Development

Swap Skill and Get Hired

We also offer opportunities in eCommerce networking. Interested copywriters, graphic designers and social media managers can swap their skills for career opportunities.