Seva Hi Sangathan

Seva Hi Sangathan is an approach to deliver higher competitive advantages with self-initiative, collective support and cooperation.

Seva Hi Sangathan​

Service is an approach to deliver higher competitive advantages. Competitive advantage refers to ALL factors that allow producing improved goods or services in terms of quality and price. Connect Pariwar believes that the quality of the product or service is worth solving the problems or, making the life easy.


In Bharat, public housing program begun since its independence for rehabilitation of the refugees. On June 25, 2015 the government walked an extra mile to make affordable housing for all, a reality. The scheme ensures houses have a toilet, electricity connection, LPG connection, access to drinking water, etc. With the hopes as seen in the eyes of the 1.4 billion Bhartiyas, Connect Pariwar encourages all its stakeholders to hold their hands together and contribute to the reconstruction of Bharat.


Connect Pariwar encourages the young entrepreneurs of Bharat to form communities or associations, and own the responsibility in bringing financial freedom in the society and reconstruct Bharat.

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