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A large workforce doesn’t offer the greatest productivity; the best productivity is earned by the greatest teamwork. We are a team of freelance digital networking specialists having a deep knowledge of marketing, social media and internet technology. We swap skill, and design the final architecture, implementation, and management of the digital marketing plan, including advising and using various digital technologies to improve the marketing and business results.

Our team optimizes the utility of digital technologies to raise the brand awareness, the extent to which customers and the general public are familiar with and recognize a particular brand. Branding is a “pull” strategy. If you create enough value for a product or a brand, then the customers will come to buy the product themselves. They will choose the product above competitors because they see more value in the product.

Babu Dubey, Web Designer and Networking Specialist

Babu Dubey

BBA (Computer Applications), Annamalai University

I’ve always enjoyed working with technologies and helping others. So, I went to IIHT and YCTC and received my certificate in Hardware, Networking and IT Applications. In 2021, I successfully completed Social Media Marketing Certification Course from HubSpot Academy, and Become a Digital Marketing Specialist from LinkedIn Learning.

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Build image with LIFT And Grow social media networking

Connect Pariwar hosts a monthly FREE Webinar to develop the “Skill in Digital Networking” for aspiring copywriters, graphic designers, and social media managers. Industry experts shall be sharing their experiences and the best practices for effective digital networking.

Certificate of Participation is awarded to corporate registrants who secure minimum 80% in the 30-minute online exam, scheduled post the Webinar.
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Connect Pariwar offers freelance digital networking service. Interested copywriters, graphic designers and social media managers can swap their skill for freelance opportunities.