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Bharatva Darshan

Bharatva Darshan – the Slum Welfare Activities (SWA)

It began before the Mughal era and took a new shape since August 15, 1947, fake narratives were propagated to destroy Hindutva – the ethos of Bharat. “Bha” means “bhavana” (thoughts), “ra” means “raga” (rhythm). Bharat is known as the mother of cultural nationalism, having respect for the shared culture. Respect necessary involves acceptance, not adoption. Hindutva is a way of life, and not a religion. According to Sh. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Hindutva is an inclusive term of everything Indic.

During the 21-month emergency, in 1976, secularism and socialism were forcefully enacted in the Constitution of Bharat, while the entire opposition leaders of both the houses, were imprisoned. 7 decades passed, post-independence, secularism, and socialism became superstitious – the government policies are designed, which are religious, caste and gender discriminatory.

Since 2014, the Young Bharat showed the path of peace and prosperity for both, Nature and Human, to the World! Integral Humanism, by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, was set in 1965, to design government policies as an indigenous development model that has human beings as its core focus.

Syama Granthagar

Bharatva Darshan is the Slum Welfare Activities (SWA), an initiative of Syama Granthagar, to exchange arts, culture and literature and, experience humanity and shared culture.